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Rise Up - A Story of Living in Faith While Making It From Bankruptcy to the Boardroom - The Larry Shaffer Interview

Episode Notes

This inspiring interview discusses Larry Shaffer's life before his business success, and we also take a dive into Larry's newly released book, "What I've Learned From Amazing Women of the Bible".

You will enjoy this inspirational and enlightening interview that includes our discussion about Larry Shaffer's earlier days and his overcoming the financial strife that was increasing in pressure...and what it took to overcome this time and thrive to where he is today.

In addition to Larry being an author, speaker, and business executive...Larry and his wife, Leigh Shaffer, have dedicated much of their lives to help make the world a better place via the several different forms of outreach that they do to help children and families around the globe.

This is a great story of finding one's way, as Larry takes us back to his more difficult days as a young husband and father, and we explore his life prior to his success and leadership role of today where he serves as Senior VP of Marketing and Business Development at one of the higher ranking and impactful companies in America.

If you would like to learn more about Larry Shaffer beyond this interview, go to: www.LarryShaffer.com


To purchase his book, you can find it on amazon (link below).